“ Rich was very friendly and explained everything we had questions about..“
- E.H.

“ Nice job of explaining observations and how they affect the home and possible solutions for fixing!“
- L.L.

“ GI did an extremely thorough job and explained all issues effectively.“
- R.H.

“ Took his time and did not rush the inspections!“
- C.H.

“ Appreciated that Rich Jones answered the phone himself and congratulated us on our new home. Very kind!“
- S.G.

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Welcome to General Inspections!

For the safety of your family and your own peace of mind, a home inspection before you buy makes good sense.  We at General Inspections understand what a good roofing system, proper ventilation, sound foundation, solid structure, safe electrical wiring, adequate plumbing, and indoor air quality means to your quality of life.

Surprises aren’t always a good thing, especially after you have just purchased a new home.  Our inspectors check the entire property, inside & out, top to bottom, to provide you with an accurate report on the condition of every aspect of your new home before you buy.

General Inspections, Inc. operates from Perrysburg, Ohio, and services all of Northwest Ohio.