“ Rich was very friendly and explained everything we had questions about..“
- E.H.

“ Nice job of explaining observations and how they affect the home and possible solutions for fixing!“
- L.L.

“ GI did an extremely thorough job and explained all issues effectively.“
- R.H.

“ Took his time and did not rush the inspections!“
- C.H.

“ Appreciated that Rich Jones answered the phone himself and congratulated us on our new home. Very kind!“
- S.G.

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Home Inspections

Professional Home Inspections are not as scary as you may think! Buying a home should be a joy-filled exhilarating experience. Yet all the “fun” of it tends to get overshadowed by the stress. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. There are so many questions; so many unknowns.  A way to answer many of those questions is to have the home thoroughly inspected by a certified home inspector; so the last thing you need is to have even more questions simply about where to find one.

At General Inspections we understand how important buying a new home is to you. We know that it’s not just about confirming that the house is structurally sound and ensuring a quality investment but, more importantly, that it’s safe for your family.

We’ve been in the building industry for over three decades and providing home and building inspection since 1999. Our highly trained and competent professionals look for what others miss and work with you, side by side, to show you our findings, make recommendations, and answer all of your questions.

Some of what we inspect in and around the home include:


  • Slope and yard grading
  • Condition of porches, fences, and decks
  • Overall condition of out buildings
  • Roof and chimney conditions
  • Plumbing systems and water heater
  • Electrical systems
  • Appliance operations
  • Heating and cooling systems and controls
  • Basement or crawl space conditions

We can also check for Radon gas in the house, look for water damage, signs of mold, and check to see if any wood destroying insects have taken up residence. When you are ready to purchase a home, put those unanswered questions to rest.

Call General Inspections and ask about our many home inspection services.


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